Maturity evaluation

To assess maturity, you need to register. If you have participated in previous years, or if you have already registered, simply provide your email and password.



The core of this survey is a set of 40 questions to evaluate, in a very accurate way, the maturity of a department within an organization. The questionnaire will be available at this website every year from now on, thus making it possible for the surveyed organizations to design and follow-up an improvement plan along the next years. This is what makes us believe that the survey is important to your organization and to Brazil as well.


It is important that the questions are answered seriously and with honesty, and with consistent knowledge of the Project Management technics used in the department that is being evaluated.


Because of that, we strongly request the provided answers to be as close as possible to the reality, according to the answerer’s perception. Avoid being “Mr. Nice Guy” and providing answers different of the actual scenario just to obtain good results and make your department look good in the end. This behavior is harmful to this survey and to your department, because it becomes impossibe to trace an improvement plan and to compare your department maturity with the consolidated results of other similar departments in other companies.


It usually takes 30 to 90 minutes to answer all the questions. Before starting to answer, we suggest:


a) Read the “Information” section. If possible, download the texts and read them as proper preparation to the survey;


b) Avoid trying to answer this survey during busy moments;


c) If possible, have a co-worker in your department helping you answer the questions. Since it’s a broad subject, experience shows that two people can better analyse the questions.