Quantitative Data



Some questions in the questionnaire available on this website relate to data of project execution resulst. So that we have the same level of understanding, we produced this text to the users of this website.


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Make a comparison between project closure data and data from the beginning of the project (see “Implementation” boxes in the figures below). It should be considered as the beginning of the project the moment right after the BEGINNING AUTHORIZATION (see “OK?” in the figures below), when the project INITIATION is carried out (usually when the Project Charter is issued).

After initiation, we have the Planning phase that typically uses data from studies conducted in the Business Case stage, such as business studies, technical studies, technical and financial feasibility study, etc. and produces the schedule-baseline, the budget- baseline, etc., which are also approved by senior management.

All these data are called official original baseline. Thus, the comparison is made between the data of closing the project and the data of the official original baseline.

Also note that changes can occur during the execution of the project and that eventually even the baseline replacement is possible. Even in those cases, the comparison should still be done between project closure data and official original baseline data. Only then can we evaluate how accurate are the studies produced in the “business cases”, how well projects are planned and how well they are executed. Exceptions may occur when there is a radical change in the project and, in this case, it should be used the new baseline as the official original baseline.

Finally: try to provide the most possibly accurate data. Only then can the research work with a highly reliable database and provide a picture as close as possible to the Brazilian project management reality, which, ultimately, will motivate organizations to evolve in project management. By doing so you will be contributing to an important step towards the increase of the Brazilian organizations competitiveness.