Message from coordination


Once again, we are making available the results of the Project Management Maturity Research, held in Brazil, which we have been doing since 2005. It is the result of the effort of a large team of volunteers who have dedicated a good portion of their own time to produce this material. The organizations have praised our work, which is attested by dozens of testimonials. This year (2017), we had 301 participants involving approximately 6,260 projects. This brand can only be achieved by the strong partnerships signed with renowned institutions such as PMI, IPMA, SUCESU (Users Technology Society) regional, CBIC (Brazilian Construction Industry Chamber) associates, educational institutions, MundoPM magazine, CREA (Agronomy and Engineering Regional Council), etc. To all them our sincere thanks.

The number of participants in 2017 (301) represents a reduction when compared to the last two surveys (2012: 435 and 2014: 415). We believe that one of the factors for this decline is the economic moment that we are living in Brazil. The economic crisis has led organizations to drastically reduce their investments, a situation that is better perceived since 2014. Considering the direct relationship between projects and investments, it is better understood why PMOs were closed and project managers transferred to other functions, in the last few years.

On the other hand, going in the opposite direction, we have the growing participation of the academic public. By the way, it has happened since we launched the research in 2005. In 2017, there were almost 500 participants. They generally use our website to download reports or articles from our Virtual Library and, mainly, to answer the maturity form. These tasks will usually fill the text of MSc and MBAs dissertations, Post Graduation Latu Sensu Course Conclusion Works, and even PhD theses. We are very honored to attend the academy on our site. It is important to inform the reader that the data provided by academy professionals are not part of the research database that we use to compose the reports presented on our site. Here we only have data from professionals formally allocated in companies.

Some other data regarding 2017 are equally important to confirm the growing importance of this initiative:

– Downloads done on our website: 2,348
– Access to the “unique access” type: 20,654
– Access by 45 countries.

This year we expanded the reporting list, to make easier for the reader to find a report the closest possible of his work reality. Are they:

1. Comparative Performance Analysis
2. Benchmarking
3. Global
4. Government
5. Private Organizations

Enjoy it !

Belo Horizonte – Brazil – March 2018